Where sony tvs are made?

Outside of Japan, you'll find the largest Sony TV manufacturing plant in Selangor, Malaysia. Malaysia is Sony's main product development and production center. Malaysia has two R%26D centers in Selangor and Penang and television manufacturing plants in Bangi, Selangor. Most Sony TVs are made in Malaysia.

Malaysian-made televisions are exported to Asia, Africa and many other countries. It is a major intellectual and production center for Sony. Sony decided to keep this center and focus on development and production in one place. Sony is one of the traditional Japanese manufacturers with which you can never go wrong when choosing a new TV.

The only problem with the Bravia X900H is the fact that the user will have to upgrade the TV to enable full capabilities. Nitra's television assembly plant was one of Sony's largest and could fully supply the European television market. In the world of GDPR, public data collection, data mining and personalized ads, it's important for us to choose smart TVs with minimal or no data mining. Therefore, most Sony TVs and many other Sony devices are assembled by third-party OEM and ODM assemblers.

In Russia, the production of Sony televisions is organized in the city of Tver under the outsourcing system at the production facilities of the Jabil circuit. This means that Sony is developing the concept of new television models, but the assembly of televisions is both in-house production and outsourced. Companies that own brands and sell televisions, once they agree with the OEM or ODM manufacturer on the concept of a new television, order the production of the finished television. The televisions are assembled in factories owned by Sony, as well as in third-party electronic product assembly factories, the so-called OEM and ODM manufacturers.

But if you're wondering, Sony TVs are assembled at third-party factories located in the following countries.

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