Is sony the same as samsung?

When it comes to home entertainment, having a high-quality TV can make a difference for movies, TV shows, and live sports. With so many different types of televisions and hundreds of brands, finding the right one is a difficult choice. Two of the biggest electronics brands that sell televisions are Sony and Samsung. Both companies offer sharp image quality, a wide variety of applications, and various sizes and prices.

Since each brand of television offers such a similar product, it's even more important to know which one is better and where the main differences are. One of the main differences between these two brands comes down to panel technology. In this context, Sony televisions use OLED (organic LED) technology, while Samsung televisions use QLED (quantum dot LED) technology. LG Display pioneered OLED technology and the South Korean company supplies Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and other companies with its industry-leading 4K OLED panels.

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