Is sony better than samsung?

From this perspective, Sony televisions are the preferred option if you are looking for high image magnification capacity and flawless motion technology. They also tend to have better sound quality than Samsung models, especially when it comes to high-end models. With that in mind, we've decided to pit one television brand against another in an ongoing series until we've exhausted as many variants as possible. Because the truth is that different brands have different characteristics, and understanding those characteristics can help facilitate the buying decision.

Today we took part in the great debate between Sony and Samsung. Samsung TVs have an image quality comparable to that of Sony TVs and, in general, are quite competitive with each other. A big difference is that Samsung has better gaming performance, but if you don't need it, either brand is a good option. Then there is HDR10+, which is backed by Samsung and Panasonic, although the latter has now chosen to offer both formats on its mid-range and premium televisions.

LG Display pioneered OLED technology and the South Korean company supplies Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and other companies with its industry-leading 4K OLED panels.

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