Are sony tv as good as samsung?

From this perspective, Sony televisions are the preferred option if you are looking for high image magnification capacity and flawless motion technology. They also tend to have better sound quality than Samsung models, especially when it comes to high-end models. Both Samsung and Sony make excellent televisions. Each of these brands appears in our guide to the best TVs, as well as in our selection of the best gaming TVs and the best 4K TVs you can buy today.

Sony TVs and Samsung TVs have a lot of similar features and both are options worth being, regardless of your favorite content. However, the OLED screen backed by XR Triluminos Pro technology places Sony's best TVs just above those manufactured by Samsung. For those looking for the best value for money in a high-end smart TV, Samsung's QLED options, now replaced by the Neo QLED models, offer excellent value for money. This would be much easier if we only compared the high-end models from both manufacturers.

In these types of direct confrontations, we commend Sony for its extraordinary color accuracy, but we nod to Samsung for its higher-than-average levels of black and brightness. The thing is that the excellent black level achieved by the Q90A is due to the TV's advanced MicroLED dimming technology, which is not achieved with smaller models. And while Samsung's black levels tend to be very good from model to model, the difference between this one and Sony is much smaller without the microLED attenuation involved. Please wait a moment and try again.

Then there is HDR10+, which is backed by Samsung and Panasonic, although the latter has now chosen to offer both formats on its mid-range and premium televisions.

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